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Help your dog cope this fireworks evening

As many dog owners will know, dogs aren't the biggest fans of firework displays!  In fact, most dogs absolutely hate them.

Can we really blame them?  Fireworks are essentially explosives that are being fired into the air! 

When fireworks start going off around your home, this is extremely stressful for most pets.  It's very common for these loud and unexpected bangs, to cause a great deal of fear, anxiety and stress in dogs.

To help your dog cope next time some of your neighbours decide to host a fireworks display in their garden, we have some advise for you!

Remain calm

Dogs have a great sense for how humans behave.  If you're angry, upset, happy or calm, it's very likely your dogs knows about it, and sometimes imitate this behaviour.  If you show your calm and relaxed during a fireworks display, this will help your dog feel relaxed too.  Use your voice, actions and body language to display a calm and cool behaviour.

Cuddle, stroke and talk

If you've had your dog since they were a puppy, these 3 things will be ingrained on your dogs memory as comforting and pleasurable actions.  Get your dog up on the sofa with you and give them a cuddle, while talking to them to keep them preoccupied from the noises outside.  Make sure you pay them plenty of attention.

Close the curtains

The fabric in curtains will help in reducing the noise coming from outside by absorbing the sound waves.  While this wont completely block out the noise, it will certainly reduce it and stop the unexpected flashes of fireworks.

In some cases, your dog may become so frightened that the just try to run and hide somewhere.  It would certainly help your dog cope if you were to just stay near them as this will alleviate the stress.

It is also worth taking your dog for a walk before it gets dark so they have the chance to relieve themselves.

Firework displays tend to last no longer than 10 - 15 minutes, but it may take much longer for your dog to begin to relax once they have stopped.  Keep following this advice once the fireworks have stopped to help your dog calm down.

  • October 18, 2016
  • Christine Valentin
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