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Top 5 halloween costumes for dogs

The best halloween costumes for your dog this year!

Halloween is nearly here, so we have found the best costumes for your dog to wear this year!

1. Giant Spider

Transform your adorable pet into a terrifying, giant spider!  Even the bravest of us cant deny we would have the shock of our lives if we thought we were being chased by a giant spider.

You can get yours for £27.99* here.

2. Star Wars Darth Vader

A great choice for smaller dogs, make your pet turn to the dark side this halloween.  The iconic movie baddie is no longer scary, but absolutely adorable!

For £19.87* you can get yours here.

3. Lion

With this simple custom your dog becomes the king of the jungle!  This will certainly give people a fright while you're out trick or treating!  Perfect for golden retrievers and labradors.

Get yours here for just £3.72*

4. Superman

With this cute little outfit, your pet becomes a superhero ready to save the day!

With various sizes available, this ones suitable for all dogs.  Here yours here for £15.99*

5. Minion

This one will be sure to turn a few heads!  With this costume using your dogs front legs as the Minions feet, it really does look like the real thing!

Get yours here for £9.99.


*All prices correct at time of writing.

  • October 16, 2016
  • Christine Valentin
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