About us

We are a family run business who are passionate about dogs. They are our best friends, they are members of our family.  We will always remember the day we welcomed Dusty into our family.
Within the first few weeks of our new arrival Dusty, she was showing signs of allergies and discomfort. Dusty was always trying to scratch herself, to tame an endless itch. And her stools were in poor form, to say the least.
After an emergency trip to the vet, we knew what the problem was. It was the food.
After looking for alternative foods, we found many which claimed to be perfect. But, were not highly impressed by what was on offer to us. Low-quality ingredients, the use of artificial preservatives, flavours and grains. And it was unclear what the actual composition of these foods was.
We weren't happy with just accepting this and feeding these foods to Dusty. So we began Caspian Pets. We researched the best dog diets, the most digestible ingredients and least likely to cause allergic reactions. And found the most beneficial supplements for people's pets. 
We partnered with the manufacturer of some of the UK's top dog food brands and worked closely together to produce affordable, quality and natural foods for dogs.
We love what we do, and we’re sure you and your dog will love our food too.

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