What goes in our food

The goodness that goes into CaspianPets food

Dog's health and well being is our priority.  The correct dog diet is the best way to ensure your pets health and happiness.  This is why we make sure we use high quality ingredients and all the important supplements, with no compromises.  All of our foods contain high protein content, with choices available which are potential novel proteins, and high quality carbohydrates.  None of our foods contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or any cheap fillers like grains and wheat.  This makes our foods easily digestible and highly nutritious.

We also think its very important to be completely transparent and make it easy to understand for our customers to know what they're feeding their dogs.  So here's a breakdown of what goes into our foods.


Carbs are a fundamental part of a dogs diet.  It's what provides your dog with energy.  Carbohydrates come in many forms, but some carbs are considered bad, and of low quality.  Even more so when fed to dogs, as they have difficulty breaking these down and digesting them.

Our Grain Free foods used sweet potato as the primary source of carbohydrates.

Our Hypoallergenic range use brown rice as the primary soruce.

Brown rice and sweet potato are high quality and easily digestible and provide a great source of fibre.


Protein is also a fundament part of a dogs diet.  Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.  Proteins is essential for dogs growth, development and maintenance.

We use several sources of high quality protein in our foods, and use potential novel protein sources in our Hypoallergenic foods for dogs who have allergies to certain sources.

The proteins we use in our foods are:

Salmon & Trout, Lamb , Pork, Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Fish.

Nutritional supplements 

We add necessary supplements to our foods which play important roles in a dogs health, happiness and development.

Our puppy foods contain the vital supplements to support growth and development.

The senior dog range contain crucial supplements to support joints, ligaments, bones and general well being in older age.

All our adult dog foods contain the necessary supplements to maintain a health and happiness.

The supplements we use in our Grain Free foods are:

Omega 3 - This is a naturally occurring source of goodness found in many foods such as fish and nuts and seeds.  There several benefits Omega 3 has for dogs.  It promotes healthy skin and coat, improves cognitive function, improves immune system and has anti inflammatory properties which is great for combating some common diseases in dogs.

Vitamins & Minerals - An essential supplement to a dogs diet.  The benefits and functions are vast, from development and maintaining healthy eyesight, immune system, digestion, bones and teeth, growth and maintenance of muscles and fighting skin conditions.  Supplemented vitamins are vital in a dogs diet and dogs cannot synthesise these compounds found in regular foods 

Beet Pulp - This is an organic supplement to add fibre to your dogs diet.  Beet pulp is believed to be one of the most beneficial fibre supplements to a dogs digestive system.

Linseed - Another great natural source of fibre for a dogs diet.  Linseed is rich in Omega 3 too.

The supplements we use in our Hypoallergenic foods are:

Salmon oil - We use salmon oil as its proven to be preventative of cancer, prevent skin allergies, improve fur condition and help inflammatory bowel disease.

Yucca Extract - Comes from the Yucca plant which is found is the warm climates of North and South America.  Yucca extract reduces unpleasant odours in a dogs urine and poop.  It is also used as a pain reliever for conditions such as arthritis.

Peas - A high quality source of natural protein, carbs and protein.

Chicory Extract - Used to improve health by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria.  Friendly bacteria in the intestinal is great for decreasing chances of disease and improving the immune system.  Chicory is also used as a organic sweetener which enhances the taste.

Alfalfa - A natural source of magnesium, iron, vitamin A, C, E, B vitamins and fibre.

Natural Seaweed - Considered a 'superfood' which is rich in amino acids.  Contains Iodine which is beneficial to a dogs thyroid gland, which is important for producing hormones and maintaining normal metabolism in the body.

Calcium Carbonate - A natural substance we use to aid dogs with a sensitive digestion such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Dandelion - A great source of natural vitamins and minerals which are easily absorbed and highly digestible.  Perfect for dogs with a sensitive digestion.

Barley - A highly digestible source of fibre and nutrients selenium and copper.  Selenium helps regulate metabolism while copper is an essential mineral in all animals.

Gravy's - In our hypoallergenic foods we add certain gravy's to the food.  This is a natural flavouring technique.

Beet Pulp - Supplementary source of fibre

Obscure sounding supplements

Sometimes we notice some obscure or unfamiliar ingredients that makes us wonder, 'What is that?'.

To help you understand some of these ingredients and why they're used in CaspianPets dog food, we've made a list of some of the obscure sounding, difficult to pronounce supplements.  For a detailed explanation of the benefits follow the link.

Glucosamine - Provides support to the bone structure, joints and ligament which is especially beneficial in puppies and senior dogs.

Chondroitin Sulphate - Similar to glucosamine, a supplement in puppy and senior dog food which provides additional support for joints and ligaments.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) - A naturally occurring compound found in many foods.  Helps relieve pains in a dogs joints, which are usually common in puppies 'growing pains' and older dogs whose joints and ligaments have had more 'wear and tear'.

FOS & MOS - Helps the growth of friendly bacteria in a dogs digestive system.

Nuclotides - Essential elementary unit found in all living beings.  A supplement which is found in our puppy for as its beneficial to a dogs digestive system.